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Life On The Ozark Prairie ~ A Pictorial Journey #2

Running horses

Hi and welcome back!! It’s been a real experience living out on the Ozark Prairie…not a bit like living in the city, LOL.  The landscape and scenery are very beautiful and there’s quite a bit of wildlife about.  The birds are very abundant in the “tree oases” and we have visitors of coyotes, deer, doves, raccoons, opossums, & turkeys.  We have even seen an occasional bobcat ~ plus, we have prairie chickens, also!

But, what is wild and untamed can be beautiful all the same.  Here are some photos of this haunting beauty of the Ozark Prairie…

Taken on a misty summer morning…


Misty Ozark Prairie Morning

A spectacular field of prairie wildflowers!…

Prairie Flora

Ozark Prairie Flora

This summer sunset was so gorgeous, I had to stop to get shoot this picture…

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset on the Ozark Prairie

A vibrant October sunset…

October Prairie Sunset

October Prairie Sunset

A wintry mist on the Ozark Prairie…

Winter Mist

Winter Mist

Ice prairie, for sure!!…

Ice Prairie

Ice Prairie

A beautiful horse!

Horse On A Winter Day

Horse On A Winter Day

Taken during our last bad snowstorm…

Ozark Prairie Snow Storm

Ozark Prairie Snow Storm

Some spring daffodils…

First Spring Flowers

First Spring Flowers

We have some long, straight roads out here, lol!…

Prairie Walk

Prairie Walk

A wild turkey came to visit the yard…

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey in the Yard

Our resident feral barn cat….

Barn Cat

Barn Cat

The sky never seemed bluer than on this day…

Blue Sky Prairie Morning

Blue Sky Prairie Morning

A gorgeous Peace rose…

Peace Rose

Peace Rose

Well, that’s all for now…but, nice to share these photos of the magnificent Ozark Prairie.


What Are Santa’s Reindeer Doing BEFORE Christmas?

What ARE Santa’s reindeer doing before Christmas, you might be wondering?  You know they will be mighty busy soon, but here are some photos that might clue you in…

This one seems to be busy planning where he might like to travel to after the holidays

Photo by Mikemcsherry

These guys are just “hanging out”…guess reindeer like to do that too …

Photo by timo_w2s

Reindeer in the wild…part of Rudolph’s family, perhaps?? : ) …….

Photo by tristanf

Here are some very sleepy reindeer…

Photo by dclay

Reindeer (domesticated caribou) have funny feet, btw…

Photo by hherbzilla

Here you can see some reindeer and racers dash down Anchorage’s Fourth Avenue in the 2011 Rondy Running of the Reindeer…

Photo by ACVB PR

An “unlikely” Rudolph relative… : P

Photo by Akibufflet

♥ It’s love ♥

Photo by Robt Son

That red-nosed reindeer IS real…

Photo by trinf

And to all lovers of Christmas, young and young at heart…Merry Christmas!  May the magic of the season capture your spirit.

Photo by vince42