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“Turtle Highway” On The Ozark Prairie

Ozark Box Turtle

There’s a rural highway on the Ozark Prairie (in Missouri, just a little northeast of the Lake of the Ozarks) that I will always think of as “Turtle Highway”.  I have a love for all animals, but think the common box turtles are really remarkable creatures.  And, this one highway seems to often have one or two in just the few miles that it spans.  It encompasses only about 10 miles, at best, and winds through lots of farmland mixed with deciduous woods like one will typically find in Missouri.

Anyhow, I do have a story to tell about this “Turtle Highway” , one that will stick with me for a long time.   It’s a true story, although it may sound like a tall tale, lol! : )

I was traveling on “Turtle Highway” this spring, about a month ago, and came upon a turtle in the highway.  But, lo and behold, there was a pretty large moving van size truck approaching from the opposite direction.  Of course, I wanted to miss that little guy (or gal) and knew that it would be very tricky to do with that large truck coming.  As luck would have it, I didn’t crunch the little bugger!  Instead, my car tire must have grazed it’s  hard shell “just right” that it SHOT it across the highway.  Anyhow, I realized that that had happened and also knew that little box turtle might be laying at the side of the road – UPSIDE DOWN.

So, I decided that the most humane thing I could do was to turn around and go back the very short distance to check him (or her) out.  I mean, there could be a turtle family waiting somewhere, even?  And, how would it be to be left upside down only to be eventually smashed, for sure?

Just as I had thought, that turtle WAS on it’s back at the side of the road. legs and head tucked inside its protective shell and no way to see if it was dead or alive.  I placed it a good distance along the shoulder, far from the road, and left – feeling that I had done all that I could to help the little turtle.

I went home and didn’t think much more about it…

…until the next morning when I traveled down “Turtle Highway” on my way to the city.  When I rounded the bend in the road where I had the turtle encounter – what did I see?  Can you guess?  A turtle in the road, walking like turtles often do …a happy walk, sort of jaunting about,…perhaps, just happy to be alive?  It was so bizarre – was that the SAME turtle?  It was almost like it was there to say, “I’m doing just fine, thank you”.   Okay, so this is believable, right?  It’s a true story and not over, yet…

…that night I was returning from the city, going down the same stretch of road on “Turtle Highway” and can you guess what I saw?  Would you believe it?  This is true – I saw a TURTLE in the SAME PLACE. walking about in the road.  That turtle…I mean, could it be the SAME TURTLE?…that turtle just looked happy to be alive, so happy for spring and walking about on the warm pavement like we’ve all seen before.  But, was it a little bit more exhilarant?  I guess I will never know the answer to that question, only to remember how strange it was.

So, the ending of the story?… I imagine it’s a happy ending since I haven’t seen a smashed turtle anywhere on “Turtle Highway”.  And, I really do think that turtle may have been the “one and the same turtle” each time!? – very happy for a second chance at life.

Photo Credit:  David DeHetre


AFTERTHOUGHT:  To any out there that may read this, it is important to remember that SAFETY is #1.  Never swerve to miss a turtle and endanger your life or another human life.   This turtle was not in the roadway when I turned it over.  I would also like to add that I often run alongside a rural highway with my dog and exercise many safety precautions, even though I may never even see a single car the whole time out there.  BE SAFE WHEN BICYCLING OR RUNNING/WALKING ALONGSIDE  ANY ROADWAY!!


Life On The Ozark Prairie ~ A Pictorial Journey #2

Running horses

Hi and welcome back!! It’s been a real experience living out on the Ozark Prairie…not a bit like living in the city, LOL.  The landscape and scenery are very beautiful and there’s quite a bit of wildlife about.  The birds are very abundant in the “tree oases” and we have visitors of coyotes, deer, doves, raccoons, opossums, & turkeys.  We have even seen an occasional bobcat ~ plus, we have prairie chickens, also!

But, what is wild and untamed can be beautiful all the same.  Here are some photos of this haunting beauty of the Ozark Prairie…

Taken on a misty summer morning…


Misty Ozark Prairie Morning

A spectacular field of prairie wildflowers!…

Prairie Flora

Ozark Prairie Flora

This summer sunset was so gorgeous, I had to stop to get shoot this picture…

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset on the Ozark Prairie

A vibrant October sunset…

October Prairie Sunset

October Prairie Sunset

A wintry mist on the Ozark Prairie…

Winter Mist

Winter Mist

Ice prairie, for sure!!…

Ice Prairie

Ice Prairie

A beautiful horse!

Horse On A Winter Day

Horse On A Winter Day

Taken during our last bad snowstorm…

Ozark Prairie Snow Storm

Ozark Prairie Snow Storm

Some spring daffodils…

First Spring Flowers

First Spring Flowers

We have some long, straight roads out here, lol!…

Prairie Walk

Prairie Walk

A wild turkey came to visit the yard…

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey in the Yard

Our resident feral barn cat….

Barn Cat

Barn Cat

The sky never seemed bluer than on this day…

Blue Sky Prairie Morning

Blue Sky Prairie Morning

A gorgeous Peace rose…

Peace Rose

Peace Rose

Well, that’s all for now…but, nice to share these photos of the magnificent Ozark Prairie.

Life On The Ozark Prairie ~ A Pictorial Journey

Life on the Ozark prairie is filled with many surprises…this still largely untamed landscape is full of gorgeous vistas, breathtaking sunrises & sunsets, & changing seasons unlike nearly any other place.  Check out some of the photos I’ve taken while living here and I think you’ll agree…

Some black Angus cattle grazing on some prairie grass in the middle of winter on a foggy, hazy day.

Foggy cow pasture

A gorgeous sunrise…

Ozark Prairie Sunrise

Some beautiful running horses on a nearby ranch…


A friendly horse that liked having his picture taken, even with my dog barking…


A magnificent vista~you can see for miles and miles out here…


All of these photos were taken in Missouri, just outside of the Ozarks mountains…this IS the Ozark prairie.  A land not forgotten, just hidden away.  Many people love to ride bikes on the many rural highways and the Katy Trail, which is an old rail trail that spans a large part of the state.

These are just some of the pics I’ve taken while living in this gorgeous place…more to come at a later date!  Hope you enjoyed your trip here and maybe you would like to take a bike ride visit someday? : )

Further Evidence Of The Existence Of Monster Catfish At Bagnell Dam

Large Catfish
Photo By Luis Tamayo At Cabela’s

Awhile back, I wrote an article about evidence of the existence of monster catfish at Bagnell Dam on the Lake of the Ozarks.  I’m including most of that article at the end to incorporate all of the info in one spot.  But, I have since found more evidence pointing towards this and wish to discuss it…

 After writing the other article, I had a conversation with my mom about it ~ she has been nearly a lifelong resident of Missouri and used to live at the Lake of the Ozarks.  She told me about my dad’s fishing trip with his buddies where one of them hooked a REALLY big one on their line.  It was so big, it started to pull the boat with the grown men and all their gear in it!  She said that at first they were very shocked, but out of necessity, managed to cut the line and free themselves of the monster fish, big enough to pull the boat!  My dad has since passed away, but I do believe this story since it goes along with the other evidence given by divers and residents of the Lake.
And here is a tidbit of the other article (well, maybe more than a tidbit…it has all the important info)…
I’ve lived close to the Ozarks nearly my whole life and have heard tales of people seeing catfish as big as men while diving near Bagnell Dam, at the Lake of the Ozarks.  I believe that this is entirely possible, in spite of others refuting the fact.  Bagnell Dam was started in 1929 and completed in 1931 – the largest artificial lake in the world at that time.  Fed by the muddy Osage River,  this manmade Missouri lake is just over 80 years old – a lot of time for catfish to contentedly live and multiply.  

Here is some interesting info I found from another source:

“In more recent times, I have heard and read about divers and underwater welders who have quit their jobs to pursue different kinds of work. Allegedly, this has happened near Bagnell Dam at the Lake of the Ozarks . The divers claimed to have seen catfish the size of —as some stories have it—Volkswagons. Sometimes the fish have been described as being even larger than Volkswagons. Like most fish stories, this one might seem pretty hard to believe. At first anyway. Like I’ve written before, nature can be very mysterious to us; we look out at a body of water and can only imagine what’s underneath. Is it possible that catfish can grow so large that they could or would attempt to eat a human? “There’s Some Big Fish in the Lake Ozarks” by Wes Goff

We all continue to ask…Is this true—could there be a large bunch of them lurking in the depths of this old Missouri lake?  Perhaps, time will tell.