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Have you seen any good elf photos lately? ~ Part II

Welcome back all you fine elf loving folks! : )

And, since you must have a liking for elves (or at least a curiosity about them) because you wouldn’t be looking at this page unless this was at least partially true…I hope you are not disappointed in these new photos of Santas elves.

Photo by GoodKarma23

Woof, woof…..here’s the Elf Dog…Santa’s good helper that fetches things for the other elves.  He’s a great help!

Photo By Litlnemo

Oh, and look at Santa’s littlest helper (she’s in training)…but, you know she is already enjoying being around all those toys! : )

Photo By Armadillo444

Two of Santa’s best elves at a Christmas parade.  What a great chance for them to see all those they are making toys and other gifts for ~ we’re always being watched by Santa in one way or another.  Have you been good?

Photo By OakleyOriginals

YUM…and just check out what some of Santa’s elves have been doing in the workshop kitchen!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some REAL elves…their world is a magical one full of candy canes and reindeer.  And, they love to make gifts for all the good boys and girls, young and old alike!

*****Next on the agenda will be to share some pictures of Santa’s reindeer…so, be sure to check them out when the next article is posted*****

Until then……………………. BE GOOD : )


Have you seen any good elf photos lately?

Kids, young and old…seen any good elf photos lately?  Chances are you haven’t, so I want to share these with you…

Photo by Sander van der Wel

It’s a magical world, the elf world is.  So much wonder and amazement that we don’t see – since we don’t live in this world.  This is an elf princess in a bubble, she is not working today to make toys, it’s all fun for her!  And, what fun she looks like she’s having…a part of being an elf that we don’t normally see.  They don’t work  ALL the time.

Photo by Brian McKechnie

Here is Brian the elf…he’s one of the head elves in Santa’s workshop.  Quite a responsibility he has!

Photo by tunnelarmr

This is one of Santa’s helper elves…she works in the baby toy section and also makes musical instruments.  She looks very happy, doesn’t she?

Photo by nicole_writes

And, last but not least, here is the mailroom in Santa’s workshop.  This is a very busy time of the year here, letters are still coming in.  Is your letter here?

Hoping all you kids, young and old, have a very Merry Christmas!

June’s Delight

June’s Delight





                        June bugs


                                                                                         ice cream
















July : )