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What Are Santa’s Reindeer Doing BEFORE Christmas?

What ARE Santa’s reindeer doing before Christmas, you might be wondering?  You know they will be mighty busy soon, but here are some photos that might clue you in…

This one seems to be busy planning where he might like to travel to after the holidays

Photo by Mikemcsherry

These guys are just “hanging out”…guess reindeer like to do that too …

Photo by timo_w2s

Reindeer in the wild…part of Rudolph’s family, perhaps?? : ) …….

Photo by tristanf

Here are some very sleepy reindeer…

Photo by dclay

Reindeer (domesticated caribou) have funny feet, btw…

Photo by hherbzilla

Here you can see some reindeer and racers dash down Anchorage’s Fourth Avenue in the 2011 Rondy Running of the Reindeer…

Photo by ACVB PR

An “unlikely” Rudolph relative… : P

Photo by Akibufflet

♥ It’s love ♥

Photo by Robt Son

That red-nosed reindeer IS real…

Photo by trinf

And to all lovers of Christmas, young and young at heart…Merry Christmas!  May the magic of the season capture your spirit.

Photo by vince42


Snowflakes Twinkle – A Wintry Rhyme

My Cattle Dog

Snowflakes  twinkle


our noses,

A gift



much like roses

At our door


loved ones


Photo By S. Parker

Heavens snowflakes




is near.

Photo By Laszlo Photo



as you


Love from

heaven ~

Merry  Christmas



Photo By Tristanf

Have you seen any good elf photos lately?

Kids, young and old…seen any good elf photos lately?  Chances are you haven’t, so I want to share these with you…

Photo by Sander van der Wel

It’s a magical world, the elf world is.  So much wonder and amazement that we don’t see – since we don’t live in this world.  This is an elf princess in a bubble, she is not working today to make toys, it’s all fun for her!  And, what fun she looks like she’s having…a part of being an elf that we don’t normally see.  They don’t work  ALL the time.

Photo by Brian McKechnie

Here is Brian the elf…he’s one of the head elves in Santa’s workshop.  Quite a responsibility he has!

Photo by tunnelarmr

This is one of Santa’s helper elves…she works in the baby toy section and also makes musical instruments.  She looks very happy, doesn’t she?

Photo by nicole_writes

And, last but not least, here is the mailroom in Santa’s workshop.  This is a very busy time of the year here, letters are still coming in.  Is your letter here?

Hoping all you kids, young and old, have a very Merry Christmas!

I Want Love For Christmas

Christmas Love photo courtesy of Nationaal Archief

I want love for Christmas,

I feel it in my heart.

I’ve thought a lot about it,

I’ve known it from the start.


The warm, happy feeling,

That only love can bring;

No wrapped package under the tree

Can compare –

Love makes my heart sing.


God’s Christmas Love

Nativity photo courtesy of Catholic Westminister

The feel of Christmas

Expectations and hopes for joy,

Are dreams for every girl, boy

And grownups too.

But, the truth be known

The path that’s sown;

Unrealized dreams

So it seems

Are sordid truths –

With no way to soothe.


Let us all join together

To meet the season right.

All mankind lives

Under the Holy Christ light.

The trumpets of angels

Sound loud in his name.

All seemingly

Neglected brethren

Will have His love

All the same.