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Internet Business Trolls


Are there business trolls?

I’m writing this post in frustration towards what I have observed from my own personal business and what I believe has happened to others…trolls are out there giving feedback to business (and this affects real people with money invested, careers, families – including kids, and dreams).

Just sayin’…

So, what happens to the single entrepreneur hopeful with a well-known family (name) that can be used by another company, if only she will marry an employee there..and, of course, her dream business has been trolled so she HAS to have a JOB.

Just sayin’…

Maybe, she’s a model and I mean a decent one?  One that has gone to church her whole life and might be a car show model, but not Playboy (and she don’t look too bad, either).

Just sayin’…

Or, maybe the business owner is in a highly competitive business with lots at stake…would another business really TROLL?

Just sayin’…

So, all these feedback systems can really hurt the pocketbook and lives.  Would you go to a doctor with bad reviews?

Just sayin’…




Christmas Together

Snowy Restaurant Photo - Courtesy of CoreForce

 Memories of Christmas together

Cold wintry night

Deserted romantic restaurant

Bottle of the best wine

Prime rib charred just right

With horseradish

Au jus

White tablecloth

Warm kisses

So much love


Warm fire

Soft Christmas music

Lobster appetizers

Gazing into each other’s eyes



Dressed in our best

Fragrances of cologne

And gourmet cuisine

Waiter’s full attention

Not wanting the night to ever end

Two years ago

But to be remembered forever

and ever

and ever

 and ever…

I Want Love For Christmas

Christmas Love photo courtesy of Nationaal Archief

I want love for Christmas,

I feel it in my heart.

I’ve thought a lot about it,

I’ve known it from the start.


The warm, happy feeling,

That only love can bring;

No wrapped package under the tree

Can compare –

Love makes my heart sing.


God’s Christmas Love

Nativity photo courtesy of Catholic Westminister

The feel of Christmas

Expectations and hopes for joy,

Are dreams for every girl, boy

And grownups too.

But, the truth be known

The path that’s sown;

Unrealized dreams

So it seems

Are sordid truths –

With no way to soothe.


Let us all join together

To meet the season right.

All mankind lives

Under the Holy Christ light.

The trumpets of angels

Sound loud in his name.

All seemingly

Neglected brethren

Will have His love

All the same.


Welcome To My Smörgåsbord Blog!

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

This blog will be fun for me, I’m going to be posting a big variety of content…a smörgåsbord of topics.  Hopefully, there will be something of interest for everyone.  It’s my intent to enjoy myself in it’s creation and help to satisfy my appetite for creative writing. : )

Bon Voyage…let’s go…