Internet Business Trolls


Are there business trolls?

I’m writing this post in frustration towards what I have observed from my own personal business and what I believe has happened to others…trolls are out there giving feedback to business (and this affects real people with money invested, careers, families – including kids, and dreams).

Just sayin’…

So, what happens to the single entrepreneur hopeful with a well-known family (name) that can be used by another company, if only she will marry an employee there..and, of course, her dream business has been trolled so she HAS to have a JOB.

Just sayin’…

Maybe, she’s a model and I mean a decent one?  One that has gone to church her whole life and might be a car show model, but not Playboy (and she don’t look too bad, either).

Just sayin’…

Or, maybe the business owner is in a highly competitive business with lots at stake…would another business really TROLL?

Just sayin’…

So, all these feedback systems can really hurt the pocketbook and lives.  Would you go to a doctor with bad reviews?

Just sayin’…




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