Life On The Ozark Prairie ~ A Pictorial Journey

Life on the Ozark prairie is filled with many surprises…this still largely untamed landscape is full of gorgeous vistas, breathtaking sunrises & sunsets, & changing seasons unlike nearly any other place.  Check out some of the photos I’ve taken while living here and I think you’ll agree…

Some black Angus cattle grazing on some prairie grass in the middle of winter on a foggy, hazy day.

Foggy cow pasture

A gorgeous sunrise…

Ozark Prairie Sunrise

Some beautiful running horses on a nearby ranch…


A friendly horse that liked having his picture taken, even with my dog barking…


A magnificent vista~you can see for miles and miles out here…


All of these photos were taken in Missouri, just outside of the Ozarks mountains…this IS the Ozark prairie.  A land not forgotten, just hidden away.  Many people love to ride bikes on the many rural highways and the Katy Trail, which is an old rail trail that spans a large part of the state.

These are just some of the pics I’ve taken while living in this gorgeous place…more to come at a later date!  Hope you enjoyed your trip here and maybe you would like to take a bike ride visit someday? : )


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