Evidence Of The Existence Of Monster Catfish At Bagnell Dam

I’ve lived close to the Ozarks nearly my whole life and have heard tales of people seeing catfish as big as men while diving near Bagnell Dam, at the Lake of the Ozarks.  I believe that this is entirely possible, in spite of others refuting the fact.  Bagnell Dam was started in 1929 and completed in 1931 – the largest artificial lake in the world at that time.  Fed by the muddy Osage River,  this manmade Missouri lake is just over 80 years old – a lot of time for catfish to contentedly live and multiply.  

Here is some interesting info I found from another source:

“In more recent times, I have heard and read about divers and underwater welders who have quit their jobs to pursue different kinds of work. Allegedly, this has happened near Bagnell Dam at the Lake of the Ozarks . The divers claimed to have seen catfish the size of -as some stories have it- Volkswagons. Sometimes the fish have been described as being even larger than Volkswagons. Like most fish stories, this one might seem pretty hard to believe. At first anyway. Like I’ve written before, nature can be very mysterious to us; we look out at a body of water and can only imagine what’s underneath. Is it possible that catfish can grow so large that they could or would attempt to eat a human? “There’s Some Big Fish in the Lake Ozarks” by Wes Goff

Is this true – could there be a large bunch of them lurking in the depths of this old Missouri lake?  I think it would really be interesting for a professional dive expedition with cages and other equipment to check this out.

Taken At Cabela's - Photo Courtesy Of Luis Tamayo


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4 responses to “Evidence Of The Existence Of Monster Catfish At Bagnell Dam”

  1. Kent Houston says :

    I ran across your blog on Twitter doing a search for Lake of the Ozarks. I write a blog and host a forum on the lake so it peaked my interest. The stories about the big fish at the dam are legendary. Funny how thier size have always been compared to Volkswagons. You are a very gifted writer and I enjoy your poetry.

    • newprairiestore says :

      Thanks alot, Kent! I’ll check out your blog and forum on the lake. I’ve been a Missouri resident my whole life and am very interested in the Lake of the Ozarks. Yes, it is funny how people compare these legandary big fish to Volkswagons. I have another story to tell about this subject and will be writing an update to this article very soon.

  2. Judith Deng says :

    Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also

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